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Barbara Torresan

Barbara Torresan


Barbara Torresan



For friends, or on the internet…I’m simply Babs from Milan, but my heart is from Treviso. I’m a perfectionist, an extrovert, an aesthete and I love food that looks great. I’m a gourmet, I’m creative and enthusiastic and stubborn enough to make my projects a success, but also intuitive and private. I have a strong character hidden by just a hint of shyness. In 2008 I started transforming my two passions of cooking and photography into a real job. I feel totally at ease in the kitchen or behind a camera. My first photographs date back to when I was about 12 years old and my first culinary attempts to when I was 8, and so I’ve taken it from there, continually learning new things and experimenting all the time. I started my cooking blog for fun, but it soon turned into two websites, a job as a food stylist and food writer, as well as a pleasantly packed diary. At the moment I manage my websites as well as various work projects. What are my dreams for the future? Photography…